How to Get One

Get The Pink Cart

How to Get The Pink Cart

Cascade Cart Solutions manufactures The Pink Cart for haulers, municipalities, and distributors in three sizes (35-, 64-, and 96-Gallon). As an individual, you can get a Pink Cart through one of the following options:

PARTICIPATING PRIVATE HAULERS & MUNICIPALITIES: The most cost effective way to get a Pink Cart is from your waste and recycling collection company ("hauler"), whether that be a private hauler or your city/municipality. Click here to see our list of participating service providers.

DISTRIBUTORS: To purchase a Pink Cart for personal use locate your nearest regional distributor. Click here to fnd a Pink Cart Distributor in your region.

Cascade Cart Solutions does not sell individual Pink Carts. If you have any questions about how to get your Pink Cart, email us at

Can't Find a Pink Cart Near You?

We are on a mission to line every curb in North America with Pink Carts, and you can help! The best way to support The Pink Cart program is to help us get Pink Carts into your community where they will raise awareness, start conversations, and provide important information on early detection and good breast health. So, tell your trash and recycling haulers, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friends and family, tell EVERYONE to advocate for Pink Carts at their curbs!

Take a look at our tips and tools below to become the next Pink Cart Champion and Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate.


Have you used these tools and had success? Do you have suggestions on how we can make them better? Let us know!