Story Submission

Story Submission

The Pink Cart website is meant to be a destination for women and their families who find themselves battling breast cancer. A website where they can find information, resources, and a supportive community. We have heard time and again from our followers and fans that hearing the stories of others who have been through the fight helps them to have hope and to know what lies ahead of them and their families. If you would like to share your story and give support to others in the breast cancer community, please fill out the form below. If your story is selected to be published on our blog, we will send you a complimentary mini Pink Cart as a symbol of our appreciation.

I agree to allow the use of my photograph(s), likeness, and written statements or other reproduction of my  image and/or information and statements made by me to Cascade Engineering, Inc., without compensation and grant to Cascade Engineering, Inc., its affiliates as well as their agents any and all rights to this use in all forms.

Subject hereby releases Cascade Engineering, Inc., its officers, directors, employees, agents, and all other parties in interest from any and all present or future claims, grievances, damages and causes of action that he/she may have arising out of or in connection with such use.

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