Hope and Joy have crept in to co-occupy the space

Hope and Joy have crept in to co-occupy the space

Hello Friends,

Well today is September 1st and the 24th anniversary of my Mum passing from breast cancer and even though my heart is heavy on this day for the first time ever I think hope and joy have crept in to co-occupy the space. Today also marks one year since we started The Pink Cart. This was the year that my path became clear and I was blessed with an opportunity to collide my personal life and my career with the desire to help Kick Breast Cancer to the Curb.

Our little Pink Cart idea is changing the conversation in municipal solid waste management today. Trash carts are usually dark colors like green, brown, black…the color of bruises, but lately women are changing the landscape and trading out the dreary for the meaningful and their influence, one cart at a time, is making a real difference.

Just the mere thought that rolling her pink cart to the curb would remind a woman to do her self breast exam or that our $5/cart donation could help find a cure simply gives me goose bumps.

Today, my only daughter landed in Estonia to do God’s work with the young mothers and children of the area and here at home in the United States I have landed in the exact spot intended for me. I am certain that my Mother is proud of us both.


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