Pink Cart Needs Your Help!

Pink Cart Needs Your Help!

Our PINK cart community continues to grow by leaps and bounds. When we first launched our facebook page last spring, I asked all my friends and family to 'like' our page and as it turned out I had exactly 19 people in my circle that could do so. 19, how pathetic, but it didn't take long before we hit 1,000 then 10,000 and now we are approaching 30,000, which is remarkable. I love reading everything that people write and I spend too many hours paining over the stories and experiences that people share because I am compelled to listen. I could just read bits and pieces, nobody would really know,  but I don't...I read everything as if every word that every single person writes is a matter of life and death. Some things make me laugh but all too often I am moved to tears. Thank you to everyone who has ever posted on our wall as your words mean much to many and especially to me.

Lately, I have been sensing frustration from some of our friends because PINK carts aren't available in their community and they desperately want them to honor someone that they love who is currently, or has, struggled with breast cancer. It makes me feel terrible that we can't get PINK carts rolled out fast enough. While we have shipped 25,000 it doesn't seem to even begin to satisfy the need that women have across the country.

We need an answer to this seemingly simple question "How do we women figure out how to turn the trash world PINK in order to bring awareness to breast cancer in EVERY community every day that a cart is rolled to the curb"? Do we bombard our trash haulers with requests, call our City council members, write petitions for our neighborhoods, start our own trash companies? How are we going to make sure that every woman who wants one of these carts has access to one?

I need help with this problem and I think you, each of you, can help. We need your ideas, your creativity, your passion to help us spread PINK across North America. What have you done, what would you like to do, what do you think would work, in your community to get citizens and haulers on board to line the curbs with Pink Carts on trash day? Please tell us! Leave your comments on this blog, on our Facebook, or through Twitter and tell us, what do you need from us to help you get Pink Carts in your community?

I can't wait to see what you come up with!