I'm in love with another

I'm in love with another

Last Friday our friends at Borden Waste Away drove their garbage truck all the way up from Elkhart, Indiana to Grand Rapids, Michigan to be part of a photo shoot for INC magazine. Their truck is special, unlike any other garbage truck in the world, as it is wrapped with a huge photograph of four cancer survivors circled around with their hands on a PINK cart. Is it possible to love a garbage truck? If it is, then I definitely have a love affair going on with this truck. I remember the first time I saw it on an very cold and overcast fall day. I was in Elkhart for Borden's Kick Cancer To The Curb event when they unveiled the truck by dramatically pulling a huge tarp off of it. My breath actually caught in my throat. Now THAT is a garbage truck!

Moments later a bunch of folks gathered in front of the truck for a team picture. I was standing separate and by myself watching all the commotion and for a single moment in time everything seemed to go quiet, rather eerie like, and then tears started rolling down my face. How on earth did I get to this spot in time surrounded by complete strangers all wearing shirts in support of PINK carts standing in front of a huge garbage truck bawling my eyes out? In that group of a hundred plus folks, I knew precisely one person but yet somehow they were all assembled to support one little idea I had six months earlier to turn trash carts PINK to spread breast cancer awareness.

It was, and continues to be, the pinnacle moment for me on this journey.

Thank you, Ken and Judy, and all the great folks at Borden...on that cold November day you made my dreams come true.