Danylyn's Story - Hugging It Out

I have had lumps removed since I was 27 years old. I have a family history on both sides of the family. I'm married with young children and felt that a benign fibroid was changing. I knew I wasn't due for a mammogram because it was less than my 2 year routine check. My PCP thought it was still benign but referred me back to Betty Ford for further investigation. I had a mamm and ultrasound and discovered that my fibroid was still benign, but they found calcification that looked suspect.

Michelle's Story - I will FIGHT, I will SURVIVE

Hello my name is Michelle. I really think it’s a great idea for The Pink Carts to help with Breast Cancer Awareness and allow others to share their stories to help others! I feel very lucky to share my story and pray that it helps somebody.

Cancer is on both sides of my family. I have had my grandfather pass away from lung cancer, my aunt pass away from Breast Cancer, and another aunt from cervical cancer. Right now in my family there are several of us that have cancer. Unfortunately, my case is the worst. Right now I have stage 4 cancer in my stomach and breast. I may be sick, I may have stage 4 cancer, BUT that doesn't mean I'll just lay down and let this awful thing called Cancer ruin all my hopes and dreams! I refuse to let this beat ME...

Ashley's Story - Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While Pregnant

Ashley and her husband, Scott, have been faced with many obstacles over the last three years, but nothing could have prepared them for the trials 2013 would bring.

It all started for Ashley when she was injured at work in 2011; she fell and broke her ankle which caused her and Scott to fall into financial distress because she was unable to work, and workers compensation wasn’t following through with their obligations. This injury has left Ashley with permanent loss of partial motion, and severe nerve pain that may never subside.