What's Your Breast Cancer Advocacy?


Summer is in full swing - flowers are blooming, beaches are filling up and PINK is popping up everywhere. From garden gloves to jewelry to trash carts, people are displaying their passion for pink and their own breast cancer advocacy. How is PINKpopping up in your neighborhood?

The interesting thing about PINK is that it not only catches your eye, but makes you want to engage. Seeing our neighbors' passion and commitment to the cause makes us stop and think, what could I be doing to help fight breast cancer? The answer is A LOT! Take a look around your community and you'll find numerous ways to support women and their families who are battling breast cancer.

Displaying PINK helps to draw support for this cause. It reminds people that it's important for them to be aware and involved. So, how will you display your PINK? Of course, we know a great way - with a Pink Cart! With more and more haulers, distributors and retail stores signing on to be Pink Partners, slowly but surely PINK is spreading across the country. But 'slowly' is the key word... We want Pink Carts making bold statements on trash day, lining curbs on every street, and we still need your help to make that happen! It's not until haulers and businesses hear their neighbors demand for Pink Carts that they realize how powerful this program is. We need you to be our voice, to be our advocates for Pink Carts and the Pink Cause.  Visit our Breast Cancer Advocacy Toolkit to find tools you can use. You can call your haulers, your neighbors, your co-workers and friends. Tell them about Pink Carts and the opportunity your community has to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Send letters, post flyers, do what you can to spread the word and help bring Pink Carts to every city in the U.S.

We want to thank you all for supporting Pink Cart, and we continue to support you in your Breast Cancer Advocacy! Take a look at our Toolkit and let us know - what's missing? What else do you need from us to be bold, successful advocates in the fight against breast cancer? How will you fight for PINK?


June 17, 2011 - 04:00 AM
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