Angie's Story - No Family History to BC Diagnosis in 6 Months


In August 2010 I went in for my annual mammogram. I was not worried, as no one in my family had a history of breast cancer. I was right not to be concerned. My mammogram was clear. One day in early February 2011 while in the shower, I noticed that my breast began to cave inward. I knew this was not a good sign.

I called my Dr. and was seen that week. The following week, I was scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. That very day of my appointment, the radiologist came out and told me I would need a biopsy, and he was willing to bet his life that I had cancer. Once I got home, and was processing the words, "I am willing to bet my life that you have cancer!" that the Dr. spoke to me, I also heard God Speak to me. He said, John 11:4. I immediately got up, grabbed my bible, and read the verse. "FOR THIS ILLNESS SHALL NOT END IN DEATH, but be for the GLORY OF GOD! The next few weeks I was thrown into treatment, surgery, a lumpectomy, and my world came crashing down. How could this happen?

About half way through my treatment, I was found to have a lesion on my brain. I had to step back and start a more aggressive chemo treatment. This treatment caused me to have temporary dementia. I did not know things or people I should know. I could not be left alone. My husband had to take me to some dear friends, during the day to "babysit" me, while he worked. The active journey of treatment finally ended in July 2013! It was a hard battle. Yet, I survived. I had many, many people and wonderful organizations help me through that journey. I was given HOPE. You can give a lot to people, help with meals, transportation and even financial assistance, but what one survivor can give to another is HOPE! HOPE IS PRICELESS!

Today, I carry on the Hope by my involvement in the same non-profits that were there for me. The American Cancer Society, The Pink Heals of the Cape Fear, Women of Hope, Lump to Laughter. I am always proud to share my journey. I DO GIVE GOD THE GLORY, and I am BLESSED TO BE A SURVIVOR!

October 22, 2014 - 12:00 PM
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