50,000 Allies in the Fight Against Breast Cancer


Along this Pink Cart journey we've been on over the past nearly 3 years, there have been a handful of milestones we've celebrated with gusto and have held in our hearts as truly meaningful for the program, the cause, and for us personally as we remember those loved ones in our own lives who are fighting this disease. Today is another milestone for us all to celebrate - we have reached 50,000 supporters on The Pink Cart Facebook page!

This is a BIG DEAL to us. It's big because this issue, this cause, this fight is real - to us, to our customers, to all of our friends and fans, and to countless people across the country, the continent, the world. That's what you 50,000 supporters represent - the global network of fighters, advocates, survivors, caregivers who have been touched by breast cancer, who have watched loved ones lose their battle, who have seen it break families and take our sisters, mothers, friends, much too young, who are determined to do all that they can to find a cure, a successful vaccine, a fool-proof preventative plan, a world without breast cancer. You represent the Pink Army that is spreading the word and supporting the important work of organizations like the Canadian and American Cancer Societies to beat breast cancer.

Pink Cart Gets 50,000 Likes!Pink Carts continue to roll off the presses, onto trucks and showing up at cities, stores and curbs across North America. Every cart has a custom in-molded lid label with information on the resources available for cancer fighters through the Cancer Societies as well as their guidelines on maintaining good breast health and increasing likelihood of early detection, the single best way to ensure success when faced with a breast cancer diagnosis and every cart represents $5 that goes to support breast cancer awareness and research in the U.S. and Canada, respectively. We're proud of the money we've helped raise to support this cause. But our intent with Pink Carts was always, first and foremost, to raise awareness - start conversations, provide resources, spread breast health information and best practices. So today, we celebrate you, the 50,000 men and women in The Pink Cart family who stand up and stand together to fight breast cancer. Keep spreading the word, raising awareness and encouraging education. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us in the fight against breast cancer.

July 12, 2012 - 12:07 PM
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