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Taking Action for your Health: Fitness with a Fitbit®


The calendar says it’s summer here in the Midwest, although you’d be hard-pressed to find the sun lately. Since our winter was so hard it’s only fair we’d have a glorious summer, but that doesn’t seem to be shaping up exactly on plan. Despite the unpredictable weather I’ve decided to lose some weight and get in better shape. I know that “better shape” is relative, so for me it means getting some exercise every day and wanting my clothes to stop pinching off the blood circulation Smile

All the statistics point to a reduced chance of getting cancer if you are at a good body weight AND higher survival rates if you do get cancer, these things always play in the back of my mind.

So, getting in better shape… anybody have one of these?
It is a Fitbit®, a little bracelet that tracks your (hopefully) 10,000 steps per day, sleep patterns, water consumption, and other important metrics. It actually works really well, as it turns out the information is actionable. If at the end of the day I’m short on steps I used to think “I’ll make it up tomorrow on the treadmill,” but now I will get in those extra steps before bedtime AND get on the treadmill the next day. Each day is measured as an increment all unto itself and I find myself living up to the bargain. There is a sudden little rush when it violently vibrates to let you know you’ve hit 10,000 steps… very gratifying!

The diet, well, that is a different story. While I have lost 22 pounds this past winter, it continues to be a daily challenge. By example today’s lunch is some grilled chicken and sweet potato wedges. I only realized this at 6:30 a.m. this morning, but decided really, how hard could it be to whip up some wedges? I dutifully peeled, sliced and coated the sweet potato with coconut oil and salt and when returning the oil to the pantry realized I had used mayonnaise. I had an unappealing tray full of mayo’d sweet potato wedges! I have got to learn to wear my glasses more. But even with my, trust me, daily blunders I still feel much more in control of my body, healthier, and better equipped to take on the world.

Hope you can find time in your hectic life to put your good health first, or at least somewhere near the top of the list!

Have a great summer,

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