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Grateful for the Holidays and all Year Round


It's two days after Christmas and we are finally getting some snow here in Pink Cart's hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. While the snow brings the cold, ice and questionable driving conditions, we have to admit, it just didn't feel like the Holidays without it. But the shops were still bustling, grocery stores were still busier than all get out on the days leading up to Christmas (lesson learned - if you need green beans or any other ingredient close to the holidays, go shopping before 8 am to really beat the crowd!), neighbors still strung up their lights and lit candles in the windows.

On the way home on Christmas Day, we noticed something. At 11 pm on this very festive holiday, the streets weren't as bright as they were on Christmas Eve. Most of the Christmas trees weren't glowing in the windows, the outdoor red and green lights had been turned off, candles and seasonal decorations had been taken down. Just like that! It was amazing how for months so many people were preparing for this one day and before the day was even out, all the signs of celebration were nearly gone. It got us thinking.

This time of year is host to so many holidays from many faiths and traditions. Channukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Solstice. One by one they all come in and wrap us up in a feeling of warmth, community, and celebration. Regardless of the tradition, this time of year is one that is so focused on being grateful for our friends, families, communities, neighbors - grateful for all that we have gone through together in the year before because it has made us stronger for the year ahead. For us on the Pink Cart team, a lot of our thoughts on this day were for loved ones who have been fighting courageously for their own lives this past year. Through surgeries, medications, and many treatments, we are so grateful for those who have fought hard to stay with us against the odds of Breast Cancer and other illnesses. Many of us are also remembering loved ones who have passed on in the last couple of years. Their memories remind us to take care of ourselves - to stay healthy, stay mindful of our lifestyle choices so that we can stay strong and healthy - so that we can have many more winter holiday seasons in our lives. They remind us that while these holidays are a great occasion for celebration, we need to be mindful of our blessings, and active in keeping them, all year round.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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