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Breast Cancer News Roundup


Breast Cancer News Roundup

June 8, 2012 - 05:17 PM
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This is a new blog for us! We got to thinking it's great that we're able to share breaking news on Breast Cancer research studies, treatments, and personal stories but it's so easy to miss them on Facebook and Twitter if you're not logged in at the right time on the right day. So, we decided to bring you the major recent news stories and developments from the Breast Cancer world in one concise blog that highlights the things you need to know in a place where you can easily find them again and again. Here's what's been in the news the past two weeks:

Shift Work May Raise Breast Cancer Risk Researchers are looking into a potential connection between working the night shift and an increased risk for developing breast cancer due to their work schedule's adverse impact on the body's natural sleeping and waking cycles. There are many factors that impact how well the body copes with this kind of schedule so working the night shift in and of itself may not alone be an indicator for an increased risk of developing the disease.

Childhood Cancer Survivors Face High Breast Cancer Risk A new study found that women who survived childhood cancers treated with radiation had a 24% to 30% chance of developing breast cancer by the age of 50, compared to an average woman's 4% chance of developing breast cancer by age 50.

Women Leaders of the Middle East: Thousands Rally in Saudi Arabia to Raise Awareness of Breast Cancer The leadership of a few has led to the awareness of many! Read about the journey of women in the Middle East who sparked a cultural revolution and have made Breast Cancer a common, bold and proud topic of conversation among women in Saudi Arabia. 

Future Blood Test May Predict Cancer Relapse Doctors at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center have been developing a blood test to detect cancerous cells in the blood stream that could be very early indicators of a relapse in breast cancer patients. It is still in the research phase but the test would likely be able to be used to detect a relapse for all types of cancer in the future.

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