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Healthy Game Plan


Healthy Game Plan

September 15, 2012 - 11:30 AM
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Well it's the middle of September and we  are into Fall football season full-swing now. Whether you are a fan of college ball, pro ball, or both, it's the time of year where you show your team pride with abandon! Of course, the best part about it is Game Day...and while we love a good time as much as the next Breast Cancer Fighters, we know that sometimes Game Day can bring with it some unhealthy choices. So, today, when you're gazing into the cooler of beer or giant bowl of cheese dip, try and implement some of these new traditions to bring a little bit of healthy, cancer-fighting activities into your playbook...all you need is a football and some team spirit!

  1. Pre-Game: Do a first down frenzy, see who can run 10 yards the fastest.
  2. Fresh Tailgating: Add some fresh fruit and some veggies to your tailgate feast.
  3. Halftime Huff: Do a quick game of flag football with your friends and family to get your heart rate going.
  4. Penalty Pushups: Each time there is a penalty called, the fans of the penalized team have to do 10 pushups.
  5. Post-Game Cool Down: Get some fresh air and an instant replay - recreate the best and worst plays of the game.

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