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Be Healthy, Be Cancer Free!


Be Healthy, Be Cancer Free!

January 27, 2012 - 01:01 PM
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We do a lot of talking on our blog and Facebook about how to lower your risk factors for developing breast cancer. Recently the American Cancer Society released a report linking 100,000 new cancer diagnoses  every year in the U.S. to excess body fat. And quite frankly, it scared us.  We know we should "be healthy" and lead healthy lifestyles to lower our cancer risk, but how committed are we to following through on making the right choices for our bodies and our health?

Honestly, with work, kids, and a social life, our ability to eat well balanced meals on the go and make time for exercise is inconsistent at best - it depends on the day - and that's not good enough. We, all of us, need to get serious. The war against cancer starts with us, and specifically with our attitudes about our health.

So today we're launching The Pink Cart's Be Healthy page. We'll have research, breaking news and tips for being active, eating right, and doing your part to keep harmful carcinogens out of the environment. Whether you're a fitness guru, fabulous cook, health-conscious Mom, the family matriarch, or a tree hugger, we've got a way for you to lead a healthier lifestyle and reduce your risk of developing Breast Cancer.

We'll be giving you a lot of information, but we want to know what's important to you, too. What do you want to hear about? What are your struggles in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Write to us, leave a comment below, tell us what support you need. Ditch the excuses and get engaged, get educated, and get moving. Be Healthy and Be Cancer Free.

Share your thoughts with us, leave a comment below!

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